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13. October, 08:30 to 17:00


How can we curate exhibitions based on duodje ways of thinking and bring Sámi experience to a fo

05. October, 12:00 to 07. October, 15:30

Sámi Education Conference 2021

Following national advice on preventing the spread of Corona infection, have the organizers of th

30th anniversary
31. October, 09:30 to 01. November, 13:00

Sámi University of Applied Sciences' 30th Anniversary


The Sámi University of Applied Sciences’ 30 year anniversary seminar is a perfect occasion for reminiscing. At the same time discuss and think about what the SUAS will be like when celebrating 100yr anniversary, in year 2089.

October 31st and November 1st 2019, at Diehtosiida, Guovdageaidnu, Norway


30 years have passed since Sámi University of Applied Sciences was established. What has SUAS meant for you ?

The official opening of the Sámi University of Applied Sciences was on November 1st, 1989. This was done as the Sámi’s long desire, to offer Sámi teacher education - and after that also other higher-level studies - in Sámi language and in a Sámi-language environment. A separate Sámi University College also gave the opportunity to develop the offers that better responded to the needs of the Sámi community.

What kind of thoughts do you have about the future of SUAS?

Sámi teaching and Sámi research has been the basis and condition for the activities of Sámi University of Applied Sciences. That is why we often say that SUAS is a Sámi institution. Since 1989, the offerings and tasks of Sámi University of Applied Sciences have expanded considerably. Thus, SUAS has joined forces to strengthen Sámi society. Sámi research has changed greatly in the same period and has expanded, and on that progress, SUAS has been in the center together with other institutions.

What is SUAS like when celebrating the 100yr anniversary, in year 2089?