Upcoming events

October 05. beaivi 2021 to October 07. beaivi 2021

Sámi Education Conference 2021

Following national advice on preventing the spread of Corona infection, have the organizers of th

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Online meeting
April 02. beaivi 2020

About studies Autumn 2020

Do you want to know more about Sámi University of Applied Sciences as a study destination?

February 18. beaivi 2020 to February 19. beaivi 2020

Interplay between culture, language and “mathematics” by Māori, in Aboriginal Australia and in Sápmi

Seminar at Sámi University of Applied Sciences February 18th and 19th 2020

Sámi National Day
February 06. beaivi 2020

Sámi National Day

Sámi Allaskuvla is celebrating the Sámi National Day until midday at Diehtosiida.

30th anniversary
October 31. beaivi 2019 to November 01. beaivi 2019

Sámi University of Applied Sciences' 30th Anniversary

In connection with this year’s celebrations there have been smaller and bigger events. The main 30yr anniversary event will be held October 31 and November 1 at Diehtosiida.

30th anniversary
August 31. beaivi 2019 to September 01. beaivi 2019

Concert for students // Ivan Buljo and Sámi Grand Prix Covered

This year Sámi University of Applied Sciences is celebrating our 30th anniversary. To mark this milestone, the University launches a concert for the students with the young Sámi talented artists Ivan Buljo and Sámi Grand Prix Covered.

30th anniversary
August 27. beaivi 2019

Opening of the 2019/2020 academic year

Sámi University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) officially opened 1st of November 1989.

Official opening
August 26. beaivi 2019 to August 31. beaivi 2019

Introduction and welcome week

Introduction and welcome week program

Dance performance
August 15. beaivi 2019

The Homeless // Elisabeth Heilmann Blind

Dance performance held by actress and mask dancer Elisabeth Heilmann Blind in Diehtosiida starting at 18:00.

30th anniversary
August 15. beaivi 2019

Closing seminar for Britta Marakatt Labba

The profiled and internationally famous Sami artist Britta Marakatt Labba has been employed at Sa

Rabas doalut
January 30. beaivi 2019

Open day

Welcome to our open day at SUAS

Almmolaš doalut
November 29. beaivi 2018


Sophus Tromholt Photographs 1882-1883

Rabas seminára
September 12. beaivi 2018 to September 13. beaivi 2018

Electric Corpora for Spoken Sámi

Seminar on Electric Corpora for Spoken Sámi